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Iowa Student Loan Teacher Career Establishment Grant

Iowa Student Loan has long recognized the importance of helping teachers begin their careers successfully. Between 2011 and 2014, the Iowa Student Loan Teacher Career Establishment Grant provided nearly $1 million in financial assistance to 573 new teachers working in state-designated shortage areas in grades Pre-K through 12. These new teachers were employed in schools in 84 of Iowa's 99 counties.

The program was successful in bringing attention to the needs of classroom teachers entering subject areas with critical shortages. Now that resources, such as the state of Iowa's new Teach Iowa Scholars Program, are becoming available to new Iowa teachers, the Iowa Student Loan program has concluded and no new applications will be accepted.

Previous Grant and Loan Forgiveness Recipients

Prior to 2009, the Iowa Student Loan Teacher Education Loan Forgiveness Program awarded benefits to new educators that were paid out over a number of years. Teachers still in that program are not affected by the ending of the Teacher Career Establishment Grant.

The Iowa Student Loan Teacher Career Establishment Grant may have tax implications. Previous recipients of the grant will be issued all applicable IRS tax forms and should consult a tax professional to understand how the award may affect taxes.

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